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Training Supplements

While working with Brio, many similar questions are asked. Cabri Ltd. instructor, Cathryn Lai, has recently begun documenting tricks and techniques that can be helpful to you. Every couple of weeks these newscasts are available to be delivered directly to your email box. To get on the mailing list click here and put "Subscribe" in the subject line.

Below are the most recent issues.

Vol 26- Global Functions using JavaScript - 9/29/04
Vol 25- Running Brio from the Command Line - 5/17/04

Vol 24- Tasks that Process without hitting the Process button- 12/10/03
Vol 23- Footers in Reports- 10/6/03
Vol 22- Manipulating Minutes- 4/1/03
Vol 21- Creating Fiscal Year Information - 1/22/03

Vol 20- Saving Empty Documents - 10/2/02
Vol 19- Group Footers in the Free Form Report Section - 07/29/02
Vol 18- Drilling into a Concatenated Computed Column - 06/13/02
Vol 17- Limit Pop Up in the EIS Section - 04/22/02
Vol 16- Spotlighting in the Results Section - 02/27/02
Vol 15- Document Corruption - 01/10/02

Vol 14- Changing the Tab Order in an EIS Section - 11/19/01
Vol 13- Changing Topic Properties in the request line - 9/17/01
Vol 12- JavaScript Tip - Error Handling - 8/29/01
Vol 11- Physical Name in Topic Properties - 7/24/01
Vol 10- Are Limits Case Sensitive - 6/4/01
Vol 9- Displaying Months in Chronological Order in Charts - 4/24/01
Vol 8- Appending Queries - 3/13/01
Vol 7- Manipulating Dates - 2/8/01
Vol 6- Duplicating a Query - 1/9/01

Vol 5- Rounding Numbers - 11/16/00
Vol 4- Self Documenting Reports - 10/12/00
Vol 3- Dockable Toolbars and Command Lines - 9/15/00
Vol 2 - The Power of Data Functions - 8/29/00
Vol 1 - Add a Trend Line to a Chart - 8/14/00


Helpful Links
Below are several links that Brio users may find useful.

Yahoo Brio Users Group or MSN Brio Users Group
Brio users group bulletin boards with loads of Q and A. We encourage you to check it out.

Free JavaScript Manuals that can be printed from Netscape
For those of you who are using JavaScript in Brio, here are 2 free manuals that contain the core JavaScript Syntax. If you purchase a JavaScript book, it will contain lots of information on writing JavaScript for websites (which has no relevance to Brio and EIS development.)

When you get to the website, scroll down to the bottom, under obsolete manuals and select:

  • Core JavaScript Guide V1.4
  • Core JavaScript Reference V1.4

Netscape considers them obsolete manuals because V1.5 is the current version but Hyperion/Brio embedded V1.4 in their product.


Training Supplements

The following are training supplements from the Brio training classes that can be downloaded:

Advanced JavaScript Supplement
Advanced Brio Tricks and Techniques for the Power User


Cabri Ltd is a  Brio Training Partner Cabri Ltd is a Certified Brio Software Training Partner