Cabri Ltd Brio/Hyperion Services

Consulting Services

 Course Development and Customization

Training Course development and customization based on customers specialized needs and requirements.

 Hyperion/Brio Report Writing and Design

Development of customized reports incorporating Hyperion/Brio's Dashboard Sections, JavaScript and Free Form Reports.

 One-on-one technical support and knowledge transfer

Cabri Ltd. instructors and consultants provide personalized training and knowledge transfer that put the in-house personnel on a fast track to using and implementing the Brio Product line.

 Hyperion/ Brio Enterprise Implementation, Installation and Customization

Cabri Ltd. provides on site implementation, installation and customization of Hyperion's Performance Suite product and provides a knowledge transfer to the Hyperion/Brio Administrator so they can effectively use and manage your Hyperion/Brio Server.

 Web Page Design, creation and hosting

Cabri Ltd. will provide support on your entire web page environment including reserving your domain name, design and create your web page, register your web page to multiple search engines, and host your web environment.

Cabri Ltd is a  Brio Training Partner Cabri Ltd is a Certified Brio Software Training Partner